Walter Logeman 1 2 3 bio

1944 Born: Amsterdam, Netherland. Parents immigrated to Australia in 1952. Walter moved to New Zealand in 1966 to climb mountains. He became involved in the counterculture married and became a parent and worked as a teacher, social worker and from 1988 to the present day, as a psychotherapist.

2006 Walter began a project to create a thousand sketches. The project began in the New Zealand Spring 2006 and will end Spring 2007.

Working for 25 years as a psychotherapist, Walter listened to many stories that have come from what Jung calls the collective unconscious. During that time, he 'gestated' his own expression, which is now fully alive as visual project.
Thousand Sketches is not a totally new turn in Walter's life, it is a development of years of exploration of the psyche in cyberspace. It explores a medium, a method and his creative process in an open forum. The latest statement about the work and the images can be viewed on the project's home page.