Works by Juozas Cernius & Lindsey Nobel

Opening Thursday, February 21st  from 6 to 8PM
Exhibition continues: February 21sth - March 12


Juozas Cernius will exhibit sculptures and drawings. Notably, this will include his first bronze sculpture, entitled “Trivium”, (a reference to the medieval education theory comprising of grammar, logic, and rhetoric; also, its literal Latin meaning of threeroads). The sculpture includes a Bible and Qur’an connected by a void, or what resembles a space for a third book. The dynamic of such presence/absence is apropos as (regionally and globally) political forces, frequently under religious justifications, attempt to displace and replace one another.

In Cernius’ work, there is a nuanced and well-crafted skepticism towards religious, political and cultural influences of society, but it is neither dogmatic nor a form of activism (why tear down a church in order to build a new one?). Primarily, Cernius is interested how one shapes one’s self amongst the larger narratives/conflicts of our time, between the beauty and ugliness of our collective humanity.

Born in Canada , Juozas Cernius lives and works in New York City . He received his BFA from Concordia University in Montreal , and MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He works with a wide range of media including drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Cernius recently exhibited a large site specific sculpture entitled god is great/ god was great at the DUMBO art center’s Art Under the Bridge Festival in Brooklyn, NY (Sept. 2007). He is also a contributor to the art journal, Boot Print.

Lindsey Nobel utilizes multiple media including sculpture, drawing, photography, and painting.  Her newest painting series features an intricate system of layering patterns and forms using ink on painted canvas and photographs. Nobel creates ecosystems, representing different levels of reality and experience as frequencies of energy, both biological and artificial. 

Her exquisitely rendered works are a synthesis and diversity of natural and invented forms. The intricate conceptual drawing language has a richness of complexity and force.

Nobel was educated at The Royal College of Art, London , the Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston , MA , and The University of California at Santa Cruz . She has recently exhibited in a two person show with the late artist Sol Lewitt.

Her work has been presented in solo exhibitions in NYC at Nikolai Fine Art Gallery, GenArt, Schroeder Romero Gallery, Bingo Hall, Pollock Fine Art Gallery, and EO IPSO Gallery, the Cartelle Gallery (in Los Angeles, California), as well as Jacobs Fine Art in Paris, France.